What breed of dog has the longest lifespan?

Five Dog Breeds With The Longest Life Expectancy
July 4, 2016 – 04:47 pm
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This dog breed is well known for several reasons; one important reason being is that he . He weighs less than about ten pounds, has curly hair, and even people not used to being around dogs know what this little breed looks like, as they are used in circuses and in all sorts of shows where dogs are on display doing tricks. He does really well in obedience classes and will usually pick up any trick you want to teach him.

If your Toy Poodle does not have any health problems, he will most likely live a long time. They are sometimes diagnosed with epilepsy, diabetes, and heart disease. Some of them have allergies and skin problems, others have ear and eye problems.

Do you want an active little dog that will still do okay around the house? As long as you keep him groomed and meet his exercise needs, this is an intelligent breed of dog that can live a long life.

Lhasa Apso

This long-lived breed is one of the cutest. He has long hair and his small body was used to keep the Buddhist monks company in Tibet; now many of these dogs live their long lives in apartments and houses all over the world. They still look prepared for the Tibetan winter, and they still bark at any intruder who dares to invade their “space”, even if it isn´t a monastery.

The Lhasa Apso is usually no more that eighteen pounds but can be quite a bit smaller. They come in several different colors but no matter how the dog looks you can always count on a bark. They are good watch dogs, of course, and guard dogs...well, not so much. They are fairly easy to obedience train.

They have health problems, like some skin and eye diseases. If you can get past them, however, this is one of the longest living breeds and a great companion.


Everybody knows the Chihuahua, even if so many people out there spell this little dog´s name wrong. He is the smallest breed of dog, usually no more than six pounds, and will defend his territory for many years.

This little breed of dog has several significant health problems. He can have a collapsed trachea and a heart murmur, bad knee caps, epilepsy, and even a soft spot on the skull (although this will get firm as the dog gets older). They are so tiny that they can have bouts of low blood sugar and go into a coma if not taken care of correctly, and unless the teeth are brushed daily will probably develop .

If you decide to buy one of these little dogs for your family you need to be very careful. They are often not good with little kids, and sometimes become attached to just one person in the household. They shiver a lot so may spend most of the day wrapped up in the blankets.

If you can keep him from getting fat, and stay on top of any potential health issues, this dog can be with you for many years.


The Beagle is actually the largest of the long-lived breeds, with males weighing up to about 25 pounds. This breed is a scent hound, first developed for tracking using its nose, and the dog is still used for that purpose. His success as a family dog is because of his good temper, friendliness with kids, and great size. His long life is usually attributed to his lack of health problems.

Beagles do have some issues. They tend to ignore their owners if they get a good scent, so if taken off-leash they might get carried away and run off. Although they are intelligent, they are difficult to train. When they spend all their time around the house they don´t eat less so are usually overweight. They, but they do howl, and some owners find their vocalization excessive. They are okay as watch dogs but definitely do not work as guard dogs-the Beagle is just too nice and is more likely to make a new friend than bite an invader!

Most people are familiar with this dog since it is such a great pet. If you can put up with the howling, are looking for a good all-around dog that will live a long time and keep you entertained, a Beagle is a great dog breed to have around.

No matter what the breed information tells you, any breed can live for a long time or have a sad and short life. It is up to you to keep your dog as healthy as possible, exercise her frequently, and provide plenty of mental stimulation to keep her interested in life.

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