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Top 1,647 Complaints and Reviews about Blue Buffalo Pet Foods
January 10, 2020 – 08:55 am
Blue Buffalo gets slammed by a shit storm of new lawsuits

I was appalled when I found this site! I was looking to lodge a complaint against Blue Buffalo when I found it. I am so glad I did. I have noticed my dog lethargic after switching to this brand can food (limited ingredient) and have even worse news about their dental bones. I had not put 2 and 2 together and now will take my dog off of everything "Blue"!! My complaint was because I just got off the phone with "customer service" and was told to go to the store to get credit when I learned that their treats "health bars" which state on the top of the FRONT of the bag "NO CHICKEN/POULTRY BY PRODUCT MEALS, NO CORN, WHEAT OR SOY, NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS'' and found out too late, that listed in the ingredients in small print on the BACK of the bag is CHICKEN MEAL.

My dog is allergic to chicken, and silly me, I believed there was no CHICKEN in the "apple and yogurt" treats (as many companies use cheap chicken as fillers in their treats). Of course it was explained to me that the point was it was not chicken "by-products". This is serious mislabeling and not only stupid, but dangerous. I expected more than "go back to where you bought it, not for a refund, but for an exchange". I left my number and was told not to expect a call back. I said "no problem, if I don't get a call back, I will lodge a formal complaint against the company for misleading the public about its ingredients." Then I come here and realized how much issue my dog has had with this company's food products.

I recently purchased their dental bones, and my dog was never so sick. He threw up and had AWFUL diarrhea for 4 days. Between what I have seen here, my experience with the canned food (I don't want to think about what garbage is in there now), the mis-labeled treats, the dental bones from Hell, and the lack of customer support, I join others in hoping this company is SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD. Thank you for listening. I joined this site just to write this review, and appreciate others taking the time to help dog lovers like me.

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