Breeding small dogs

Dog organisations warn of craze for tiny 'teacup puppies' as breeders sell sick dogs with fragile bones and brain problems
May 30, 2017 – 10:51 am
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The animal charity has started to see an increase in the number of popular, fashionable breeds such as teacup dogs coming into its care and has advised people who own teacup dogs not to breed them.

Teacup dogs are created when breeders purposefully breed the runts of the litter with each other over and over again, creating dogs which are unnaturally small.

The Kennel Club does not recognise teacup breads, partly because of the health problems they suffer.

The organisation told The Telegraph: "The Kennel Club does not recognise any teacup breed, and will not record dogs as being teacup on its register. There may be breeders who take care and breed a smaller-than-average dog responsibly, or who mistakenly use the term 'teacup' to describe a small dog, but the Kennel Club would advise puppy buyers to take extreme caution if considering buying a dog advertised in this way.

"The Kennel Club has advice about the size, shape and conformation of pedigree dogs within its breed standards, which stress that breeders should not exaggerate any characteristics, including those related to size, and puppy buyers are strongly advised to ensure that neither the puppy nor its parents look exaggerated in appearance, before they buy. Any departure from this could lead to serious health problems further down the line."

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