Different small dog breeds

The unique needs of small dog breeds
February 8, 2018 – 07:55 am
NORWEGIAN LUNDEHUND, or Puffin Dog, is an ancient breed once used

French Bulldod Dog FoodDogs come in all shapes and sizes, but what many owners may not realise is that even similar dog breeds have different nutritional needs. Pugs and French Bulldogs are both recognised by their squashed faces but even though they appear to share similar physical traits, they have different nutritional needs. Thanks to years of selective breeding that gives each dog their unique characteristics, every purebred has a unique combination of needs that is best served with a diet specifically formulated for them.

French Bulldogs have a short muzzle

The French Bulldog is one of the most recognisable dogs in the world, known for their charming nature, stocky build and big bat-like ears.Pug Dog Food If you own one, unfortunately, you're also likely to recognise their tendency for flatulence. This flatulence is caused by a number of factors such as the unique shape of their jaw, their tendency to swallow a lot of air when they eat and the way their digestive system operates.

In order to reduce this odorous issue, the ROYAL CANIN® French Bulldog diet has been specifically engineered with a unique kibble shape to make it easier for the French Bulldog's short underjaw to pick up.Dachshund Dog Food It has also been specially formulated with highly digestible proteins to improve digestive performance and L-carnitine to maintain the breed’s muscular build.

Pugs are small dogs with big appetites

Like the French Bulldog, the Pug dog has a stocky build and a short, flattened muzzle. But unlike the Frenchie, the Pug has a particular tendency to gain weight not shared by most other small breeds.Miniature Schnauzer Dog Food Because of this tendency to gain weight, Pugs need their weight managed more than most other small dogs if they are to maintain a healthy weight range.

The ROYAL CANIN® Pug diet is enriched with L-carnitine to increase your dog’s ability to burn fat while still maintaining their muscle mass. It also has a lower calorie content to help maintain an ideal body weight while still satisfying their big appetite.

Dachshunds have small legs that work twice as hard

The key difference in the makeup of the Dachshund's nutritional needs is due to how much extra support they need for their hardworking bones and joints. Highly active like many small breeds, their sausage-like frame and extra-short limbs put a lot of extra strain on their bones and joints.

Source: healthypets.royalcanin.com.au
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