Dog breeds for small yards

10 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments and Small Yards
November 1, 2019 – 08:15 am
Choosing the right dog for you and your home

When it comes to picking a dog-breed that’s suitable for apartment or small-yard living, there are a number of things to take into consideration including the energy levels, exercise requirements and disposition of the breed, but when it comes to size, you’d be surprised – size doesn’t always matter.

pet_friendly.jpg Here are some of the best dog-breeds for apartment and small space living from small to large.

1. Yorkshire Terrier - this extra-small pooch is a fantastic apartment dog not only because of their pint size but also because they are not barkers, are friendly with strangers and other pets and very adaptable to new experiences. All in all the Yorkshire Terrier bodes well for harmonious apartment living.

2. Maltese - The slightly larger Maltese has a silky coat with no undercoat which sheds very little making it a great choice for dominantly indoor living. The Maltese is also a quiet dog who loves the company of his/her owner so small space and indoor living suits this breed to a tee.

3. Boston Terrier - The Boston Terrier is another breed that is very attached to its owner which means they won’t mind being indoors in a small space as long as their owner is attentive. The Boston Terrier is also very easy going, friendly with strangers and easy to train.

4. French Bulldog - The French Bulldog is a smaller dog with the characteristics of a larger dog. French Bulldogs are calm and quiet dogs and have a knack for finding the most comfortable seat in the house. A practical and adaptable breed, the French Bulldog is ideal for almost any indoor or small space living arrangements.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - This breed is renowned as one of the friendliest and most gentle making it a great choice for harmonious relations with neighbours and other dogs. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is also calm and very adaptable.This small to medium sized dog is calm, adaptable and very loving and loves nothing better than human companionship and cuddles. Great with children.

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