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Choosing the Best Invisible or Electric Fence for Small Dogs
July 1, 2016 – 09:52 am
Choosing the Best Invisible or Electric Fence for Small Dogs

invisible-fence-for-small-dogsYou might think that an electric fence for small dogs are just another way for the manufacturing companies to rake in profits, but you couldn’t be more wrong. What you should know is that the reason for the existence of the special electric fence for small dogs is that they have special needs that cannot always be addressed by the average invisible or electric dog fence.

Why Use An Invisible or Electric Fence For Small Dogs?

It is often assumed that small dogs are easy to control and contain because they are so small. They are easy to hold, easy to pull back, and easy to keep in more confined spaces.wireless-fence-for-small-dogs The fact is that small dogs are more aggressive when threatened, and more timid when frightened, because they are not allowed to explore their surroundings.

One thing that damages a small dog’s eagerness to explore his environment: the administration of static correction too high for his size, weight, and temperament. A light, sensitive dog can be traumatized enough he refuses to leave the house. For the best health and safety of your dog, an electric dog fence custom-designed for small dogs is best for you.

This section compares the best wireless fence for small dogs and the best in-ground fence for small dogs: the Havahart Radial Wireless System for Small Dogs, and the PetSafe® Elite Little Dog

What Is the Key Feature of These Electric Dog Fences For Small Dogs?

Their levels of static correction are customized for small dogs. Because small dogs are more sensitive, it is difficult to find the right setting for them on a standard receiver collar.Wireless-Dog-Fence-BoundaryWireless Dog Fence Boundary They might run right through Level 1 but hide in the house with Level 2.

How Do These Models Compare?

If you travel often, need more flexibility in your fence area and location, and need a more affordable option that can be quickly set up, choose the Havahart Radial Wireless System for Small Dogs. But if you are remaining close to home, need to keep certain parts of your yard from your dog, and have small toy breeds, the Elite LIttle Dog In-ground Fence is the one for you.

Havahart-Radial-Wireless electric-fence-for-small-dogs
Source: www.qualitydogfence.com
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