Good tempered small dog breeds

20 Breeds of Small Dogs That are So Good With Children
February 29, 2020 – 09:08 am
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When choosing a dog for children, a number of factors need to be kept in mind. People are tempted to select a dog based on its looks. However, looks can be deceptive, as a cute, innocent looking dog might be aggressive, and a strong, stern looking dog might be docile. Hence, it is important to choose a dog based on its temperament, rather than its looks. Some dog breeds are known to be very friendly and gentle, while other dog breeds have a reputation of being rough and feisty. However, one should not select a dog based purely on its breed either, as there are always exceptions. The temperament of a dog depends on the individual dog, as much as it does on the breed it belongs to.

Another factor that needs to be kept in mind, while choosing small dogs for children, is the temperament of the child who is going to be with the dog. If the child is boisterous, the dog should be energetic, sturdy, and patient, so that it can take all the rough-housing it might be subjected to. On the other hand, if the child has a quiet nature, a dog who is gentle, calm, affectionate, and sensitive will be more suitable. Whippets, bulldogs, and vizslas are ideal dog breeds for quiet-natured children.

It is also good to have a dog that is easy to train, so that it can be taught to behave properly with children. This will ensure that the child is safe with the dog. However, it is not a good idea to leave a young child alone with a dog.

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