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10 Most Dog-Like Cat Breeds
August 6, 2016 – 03:33 pm
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10 Most Dog-Like Cat BreedsLooking for a pet with all of the low-maintenance care of a cat but the affectionate personality of a pup? Consider one of these breeds that’ll be sure to please even the most devoted dog people with their playful, friendly personalities.)

Turkish Angora

Intelligent, loyal and vocal, Turkish Angoras are devoted to their families and love being involved in whatever you’re doing. They’re playful, mischievous and determined, making them well suited for a home with lots of activity. The breed is also known for its swimming skills and may even take a dip every now and again on their own terms, of course.)


An affectionate, friendly breed, the Manx loves to be around people and is known for following their owners all around the house. Normally—but not always—tailless, the Manx also enjoys a good game of fetch and can even be trained to learn the command “no” and come when you call its name, just like a well-behaved pup.)

Turkish AngoraAmerican Curl

Recognizable by their unique, curled back ears, the American Curl is also distinguished by its affectionate nature and affinity for children, making it an excellent family pet. Playful and energetic, American Curls have the curiosity of an average cat without its indifferent nature, allowing it to investigate its environment while looking for some attention from its people. Since the degree of the breed’s curl can change dramatically during the first few months of its life, American Curl kittens shouldn’t be bought home until they’re at least four months old, when the curl of the ear settles into the form it will keep throughout its life.)


This loyal, engaging breed loves the water and to play fetch with its favorite toys, just like a dog. Abyssinians also have a tendency to follow their owners around the house and, just like a dog, can respond to leash training. Because of their friendly, social nature, the Abyssinian does require more attention than other breeds, however, and may become depressed if left alone too often.


ManxAn intelligent and amusing breed that’s devoted to its people, the Burmese is an excellent family pet, particularly for households with children. Known to sit and wait for their food (just like dogs), Burmese are also very active and love to play. Because of their dependency on their people, you’ll want to make sure to find a cat-loving sitter for when you’re away.)


Known for going completely limp—just like a ragdoll—when you pick them up, Ragdolls are laid-back, mild-mannered and loving pets. They adapt easily to their environment and get along with both children and adults, along with other dogs and cats. A playful breed that’s not too energetic, Ragdolls make excellent indoor companions and, in similar fashion to many breeds of dog, are very enthusiastic about mealtimes.

Maine Coon

One of the largest domestic breeds of cat, Maine Coon males weigh between 12 and 18 pounds, with females coming in between 10 and 14 pounds, making them as large as many toy dog breeds. In addition to their dog-like size, Maine Coons are devoted, playful and loving to their owners. They can be reserved towards strangers, however, and require regular brushing to keep their thick coats free of mats.


An excellent companion that’s active and playful when you are but quiet and unobtrusive when you’re busy, the Birman has a gentle nature and sweet disposition. The breed does well with children and loves to receive and give plenty of affection. Because they’re easy to handle and care for, Birmans make good show cats in addition to being ideal pets.


A lively, loyal and devoted breed, Sphynxes are known for following their humans around, wagging their tails in a decidedly dog fashion and purring with affection. Attention seekers who are as mischievous as any normal cat, the Sphynxes outgoing personality makes it a popular pet among many families. While the Sphynx appears hairless, most of its skin is covered with a fine down that gives it a soft texture. Because of its lack of traditional hair, it must be bathed regularly to prevent oils from building up and causing skin problems.)


While many rescue animals are mixed breeds—several types of cat rolled into one, unique pet—rescue cats can be a wonderful option for people looking to own a sociable, dog-like feline. Many shelters nationwide complete extensive behavioral analysis on their cats and will be able to help you find the perfect match for your family.)

Burmese Ragdoll Birman Sphynx
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