The 8 Best Small Dog Breeds to Travel With

Whether you’re planning a trip to the beach, a camping excursion or a visit with relatives, dogs can make excellent travel companions. With careful planning, just about any breed can be suitable for traveling, but some require more space, exercise, grooming and care than others. These issues are a little more difficult to manage on the road, so if you’re planning to make a habit of traveling with your dog, consider his or her needs before selecting a breed.

Some dogs are better suited for travel than others. Small breeds are obviously easier to transport. You can fit their crates in most any car, and some can fit beneath the seat of an airplane. While you can schedule your miniature poodle’s clip right before a trip, many breeds need daily grooming to keep from forming mats in their fur. Though your perfect breed will depend on the type of traveling you plan to do, all of the breeds below make excellent adventure companions:

Chihuahuas and Yorkies: These tiny dogs are designed to fit in small places. They also have gear suited for the road. From car seats to fashionable “purses, ” you can easily accommodate your pet on any outing. A small water bottle, dinner and a few snacks will satisfy a chihuahua or yorkie’s daily nutrition needs (but be sure to select a high-quality pet food that is meant for the metabolism of a small dog). Pick-up bags, water dishes and a leash and collar are all you need for a trip to the city or a weekend with friends.

Bichons and Bulldogs: Is your ideal adventure a week of rest and relaxation? Dogs who need to run miles every day are difficult to accommodate on these types of trips, but your average couch potatoes, like bichons and bulldogs, can adapt to any environment. If you like to relax with a good book rather than hike through the woods, think about a dog’s activity level and select one with a preference to lie at your feet rather than run with the wind.

Dachshunds and Jack Russells: If your travel plans involve exploring the great outdoors, think about the terriers and badger dogs; nothing makes them happier than frolicking in the woods and catching the scent of local critters. Just be sure that your dog is reliably trained to come when called before letting him or her off lead.

Poodles and Spaniels: Descendents of water dogs, these tiny breeds often enjoy water sports. If you regularly visit the beach or lake, a miniature poodle or spaniel will thrive in the aquatic environment. Be sure to get a life preserver for your dog if he or she will share boating activities. Of course, don’t forget towels and grooming supplies if you allow your dog to get wet.

It is safe to say that most dogs could make good traveling companions — depending on your itinerary. Make sure that your dog is current in his or her vaccinations, and carry copies of health records with you. A current ID with your cell phone number should be attached to your dog’s collar, and be sure to bring a crate and familiar bedding to keep him or her comfortable.

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