MediumSmall Dogs Weighing Between 20 and 40 pounds

Medium-Small Breeds

These breeds aren’t the smallest, but they also aren’t very big. For many dog owners, dogs between 20 and 40 pounds make the perfect pet because they are easy to manage when walking, yet strong and active enough to play frisbee in the back yard. Here’s a list of breeds that we consider to be medium-small.

The Eskie is one of the best dogs for children. They are affectionate, playful, charming, and loving. The shape of their eyes and mouth seem to give them an appearance of smiling. The American Eskimo are fiercely loyal and protective, with accounts of some dogs refusing to allow a guest to enter a house without their owner’s signal of approval.
The Basenji, also known as the Congo dog, is a primitive breed known for its ability to make a variety of sounds, except for normal barking. Its mood determines if it will howl, snarl, crow, or yodel. This medium-sized breed has an elegant look about it, despite its athletic tendencies.
The Beagle is a friendly and affectionate hound that constantly needs to be with humans or other dogs. Its willingness and mild behavior make it an ideal pet and playmate for children. However, given it’s autonomous nature and tendency to follow a scent, the Beagle should always be kept on a leash.
Corgis are smart, brave, calm, and form a close bond with its family. This smallish sized breed is intelligent and easy to train but needs a firm hand when it comes to nipping.
The Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized and solidly-built dog breed that is known for its long ears and its beautiful dark eyes. They are relatively easy to train, extremely affectionate, and get along with other pets very well. Because of these features, they are still one of the most popular breeds of dog.
The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is a very loving and warm dog that loves to play. It’s also easy to train, as it is a very intelligent breed. They have short, strong legs and are usually longer than they are tall.
Beagle The English Cocker Spaniel is a sturdy, well-built dog. They also make for effective retrievers, and can hunt even on uneven terrain. However, their hunting gene has been put in the backseat by breeders, as they now make for effective companions, as they are very pleasant dogs.
The Finnish Spitz is a medium-small dog breed that weighs between 30 and 35 pounds. It is an active and lively dog, making it an ideal companion for children and adults alike. The breed commands and enjoys attention and can sometimes be quite aggressive, especially towards strangers. The Finnish Spitz is also known as a barking dog so it requires obedience training in order to make them realize when and when not to make noise. Take note, however, that this breed easily gets bored so training must be short and to the point.
The German Pinscher is a medium-small breed with most dogs weighing between 25 and 35 pounds. They are a physically strong and emotionally brave dog, making it an ideal companion. They are very protective and loyal, always ready to defend the owner and his family as well as his territory. However, the German Pinscher is not an ideal dog for children, as it tends to be quite aggressive and cannot differentiate between play and real trouble.
Kai Kens are medium-small dogs that normally weigh between 35 and 45 pounds. Owners of Kai Kens describe their pet to be trustworthy and devoted guardians to their masters. They are reserved towards strangers and are loyal and affectionate towards its owners, especially with children. Kai Kens are alert and intelligent; they can be trained quite easily. The Kai Ken have are very devoted to their pack. This trait was one reason why the breed was able to maintain its purity.
The Kerry Blue Terrier is a medium-small dog breed weighing anywhere between 30 and 45 pounds. This unusual looking dog is a family favorite. It is affectionate, loyal, and intelligent. Its out-going, high-spirited and people-friendly attitude makes it a dear companion. It loves children and is a safe playmate for older kids. It loves to dog its master to know what he is doing and to get his attention. It can be housetrained easily. Like with any other dog breeds, the Kerry Blue Terriers must be treated with respect and loving gentleness. It may also turn scrappy with other dogs.
The Miniature Bull terrier is an active and playful breed that does not like to stay put. It is a fun, loyal pet that’s not quite submissive, as it tends to be autonomous and stubborn. For this reason, this breed needs rigid but gentle training.