There are two problems with a pet in the country and in the garden – to protect it from such dangers as passing cars, and to save the flowerbeds, the garden from turning into a toilet.

Dogs can dig a hole, jump over an ordinary fence, and that very fence can simply interfere with the owners, for example, block a beautiful view. Moreover, you need to think about the safety of your pet. This is where an invisible fence can help out. You can choose a good product on

Invisible fence

What it is? A collar is put on a dog or cat, which is capable of supplying electrical impulses. The system monitors the movements of the animal, if it approaches the restricted area, the collar starts to vibrate, warning. If the pet ignored the signal, it will be hit with a weak current discharge. The shock is safe, but palpable, to force a cat or dog to return to a permitted walking area. It won’t hurt the animal, so owners don’t have to worry about it causing any harm.

Designate a territory

Manufacturers claim that smart animals quickly understand that it will be unpleasant to go beyond a certain line. At the first stage, dog handlers are advised to place flags along the perimeter of the accessible zone; by the way, they often come with an invisible fence. And to teach the dog, showing that it is forbidden to run beyond the line marked with flags.