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Picture: Kent and Donna Dannen

Groenendael, chien de berger Belge

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  • ••Affection
  • ••••Friendliness towards dogs
  • •Friendliness towards other pets
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Belgian Sheepdog Dogs Available on Petfinder Right Now

  • Tina
    Homestead, FL
  • BEA
    Richmond, VA
    Baltimore, MD
  • Neo
    Georgetown, TX
  • Stan
    Anaheim, CA
    Hollywood, FL
  • Nova
    Los Angeles, CA
    London, ON
  • Buck-in Indiana
    Luverne, MN
  • Bear
    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
  • KOTA
    Richmond, VA
  • Leon
    Shippenville, PA
  • Ollie
    Anaheim, CA
  • Ollie
    Anaheim, CA
  • Gilmore
    Rochester, NY

Belgian Sheepdog Dog Temperament

Ever watchful and on the move, the Belgian Sheepdog glides in large circles. He is playful, alert, watchful and protective, a tough, independent and intense dog. He can be aloof with strangers and some can be domineering. This breed is intelligent and biddable, but independent. He is protective of his home and family.

Belgian Sheepdog Dog Care

The Belgian Sheepdog needs a good deal of exercise, either a good long jog or a long, strenuous play session. He needs room to move during the day and does best with access to a yard. His double coat needs brushing and combing twice weekly, more when shedding.

Belgian Sheepdog Dog Health

Major concerns: none
Minor concerns: epilepsy, skin allergies