10 Lazy Dog Breeds Perfect For Apartment Living

***Disclaimer: Regardless of how low energy these dogs are, ALL breeds require daily walks.***

The majority of dog breeds can adapt to any environment as long as they’re getting properly exercised. But sometimes it would be nice to come home and not be immediately greeted by an overactive pup that jumps all over you and just wants to PLAY PLAY PLAY.

Fortunately, there are some breeds who require a lot less energy, thus making them perfect for snuggling in bed because, darn it, the couch is so far. Below, ten lazy breeds that are perfect for couch potatoes.

1. English Bulldog

Weight: 45 – 55 lbs
Grooming: Low
Why they’re perfect: These short, compact breeds might look like they mean business, but inside they’re just big, sappy babies who want to curl up with you on the couch. These dogs get hot and tired easily and prefer the indoors. They’re also just stocky and intimidating enough to ward off would-be thieves. With a short-haired coat that makes grooming practically unneeded, the Bulldog is the best roommate you’ll ever have.

2. Shih Tzu

Weight: 9 – 16 pounds
Grooming: High
Why they’re perfect: Don’t be fooled by the Shih Tzu’s, dare we say, “yappy dog” reputation. The Shih Tzu is actually a friendly and alert dog that can be the perfect pet with proper training. Small and not very fond of the outdoors, these dogs are perfectly content with following you around the apartment all day as their daily exercise. However, their long hair means they shed a lot and will require daily brushing. But hey, it takes effort to look this cute.

Source: stories.barkpost.com