A – B affenpinscher, Alsatian (GSD), amstaff, basset, beagle, Bearded Collie, Belgian Shepherd, biewer, black Russian, boerboel, boergreyhound, border collie, border terrier, Boston, boxer, bull terrier, bulldog, bullmastiff. Click here Testimonial from a breeder:Thank you so much for helping us to have our Giant schnauzers sold in a flash. More than 20 people were interested in her next litter, The first litter are almost fully grown now, splendid dogs with happy owners. Thank you again for a wonderful service.

Eleanor van Staden


C – D French bulldog, German shepherd dog, giant schnauzer, golden retriever, griffon, husky, Irish setter, Irish terrier, Irish wolfhound, Italian greyhound Click here
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“A live dog is better than a dead lion, ” observed King Solomon of Israel, Ecclesiastes 9, 4. Some folk expect their dog to fight their battles for them – to kill burglars. It’s better to keep the dog in the house where it can’t be poisoned, than to risk its life in the garden. A small barking dog can be a good burglar deterrent!
Source: www.petsplace.co.za