10 Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite

All over the world, dogs are one of the most common types of pets. There are a wide variety of dog types. Dogs are generally known for their friendly nature mirrored with the protective ability to be fierce and bite when provoked. The biting power of dogs is different depending on the type of dog. Scientists have therefore come up with a unit of measuring the biting force of dogs known as pound per square inch (PSI). The analysis below breaks down the details of dogs with the greatest biting force in ascending order of their PSI.

10. Malinois

This is a medium breed dog that originated from Maline city in France, hence its name. The dog has a strong smelling sense, and is often used by law enforcement forces as detection dogs. They also have got high intelligence and can be trained easily. The bite force of an adult Malinois is 195, meaning they can apply 195 pounds of pressure to one square inch per bite.

9. Chow Chow

For over 4000 years, the Chow Chow (pictured above) was developed and bred in Mongolia and later adopted by China. Some of the features of this dog are its high demands for maintenance and frequent grooming to keep its coat in good shape. It is also hard to train this dog and therefore not ideal for and individual owning a dog for the first time. Chow also has low adaptability in that it is suitable for cold weather but struggles to handle heat conditions. It has a bite force of 220 psi.

8. Dutch Shepherd

This dog originated in the Netherlands. Its hardworking nature led to it being termed as shepherd because it is used by farmers to help in their daily chores. This breed can adapt to any climate, are loyal, intelligent and known to be friendly with kids. They have a bite force of 224 psi.

7. American Pitbull

They are medium sized dogs that are powerful and muscular. They are purposely bred to guard livestock. They are also very playful. Their athletic body requires exercise frequently. They should also be engaged always as they tend to be destructive in boredom. Their jaws have a bite force of 235 psi.

6. German Shepherd

German shepherds are one of the most popular domestic dogs in the entire world, often used in rescue missions because of their exceptional nature. German shepherd is hard working, adaptive to new places, easy to train and also calm when around children. However, their jaws have a bite force of 238 and can, therefore, break any bone in the human body.

5. American Bull Dog

One of their notably familiar characters is strength and power. American Bull Dogs are very sturdy and strong. They have got a large head with a muscular body. Their powerful nature enables them to attack their opponent in case of danger. The bite force of their jaws is 305 psi.

Source: www.worldatlas.com