The 10 Snuggliest Dog Breeds Ever

These dogs are the, the leaners, the head butters. The dogs with absolutely . If that’s what you’re looking for, then we’ve got it! Read on.

Italian Greyhound

Italian greyhounds are fragile beauties, with elegant long limbs and a piercing sighthound gaze. When they aren’t booking it across the dog park at a remarkable 25mph, Iggies love to snuggle up with you like a tiny baby deer. Their delicate bone structure makes them unsuitable for families with small children.

Golden Retriever

Blondes really do have more fun! Smart, trainable, and born to please, the golden retriever is loved around the world as a first-rate companion dog and for specialized service work. Thanks to their kind temperament and dedication, goldens are the top family dog, and happy to snuggle with young and old alike.


The Napoleons of the dog world, Chihuahuas are the little dog with big attitude and even bigger heart. They can be fierce little warriors if they think the situation requires, but really they just want to snuggle with their chosen person for the rest of time. Chihuahuas tend to bond with one family member especially, and may not be a match for families with small children.


Truly man’s best friend, the Labrador excels on the hunting field, as a service dog, and as a family member. These versatile, even-tempered dogs are dedicated to their people. And food. Labs are always loving and always hungry.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavs are an elegant companion on the hunting field or the backyard. They sport just enough energy to play with kids, but are calm enough to be a wonderful partner to the sick or elderly. These outgoing dogs are relaxed with friends and strangers alike, so don’t count on a Cav to be a watchdog!


If you had a purse big enough, a boxer would happily hop in and go for adventures with you. Bouncy and silly outside and snuggly indoors, the boxer is a wonderful family dog (if you can wear them out!) Boxers are lapdogs who want nothing less than constantly being within reach at all times. A wonderful dog for families with a sense of humor, the boxer is gassy, a guardian, and good as gold.

Bichon Frise

The bichon frise is a happy-go-lucky companion dog who loves everyone and everything. Bichons combine a playful attitude with a sensitive nature, so a calm and loving family is a must. A bichon never wants to leave your side, so luckily they’re a very portable toy size.

Great Dane

The original gentle giant, the great Dane is rambunctious as a puppy and noble and mild-mannered as an adult. If you have room in your heart (and your home) these majestic but short-lived dogs will fill it with love.

Brussels Griffon

The sweet little dog with the grumpy face, the griffon comes in bearded and non-bearded varieties (the better to enjoy that pouty little snoot!) Originally bred to hunt rats in Belgium, these cocky little dogs have no idea how small they are, and no idea that they’re not in charge. If you don’t mind a little challenge when it comes to obedience, this sporting dog will give you a lifetime of joy.

Pit bull

Pit bull terriers are eager to show you just how loving they can be in the right hands. As with any other dog, thoughtful breeding, training, and socialization are vital towards making them good family companions. Once you’ve met a pit bull in person, you’ll see why people are fighting so hard to end breed-specific legislation.