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In the preamble brief of breeds list, I would like to add why it is necessary to know, what is the breed and why it is important to know about it before breeding. The breed is the type of dog which shows its genetic, ancestor, pedigrees attribution. Before choosing a dog/dam for breeding it is mandatory to know about his/her breed which is suited to you and your family. For a better understanding between master and dog you have need such a dog breed which is more near to your need. In this regard we feel pleasure to provide you familiarization with the latest and much famous and rare dog breeds. A comprehensive and detailed list is arranged categorically which help you to know about your desired breed. Alphabetically managed list makes it easy to access. Bang the link below.Here are All Dogs and Dog breeds are given below if you only like hybrid dogs or pure dog breeds, use the navigation given on left side.

Source: www.dogbreedplus.com