The Top 100 Male and Female Dog Names by Breed, Gender, City and More

Dogs are family members, and their names, like our pet sitters and dog walkers, have to be perfect. Whether it’s cool or classic, fun or funky, a dog’s moniker is a part of their personality (and you’ll be saying it a long time). Luckily, has you covered, whether you need boy dog names, girl dog names, puppy names, or just want to see the most popular names. We dug into our database of hundreds of thousands of dogs to dish up the top choices nationwide. Find out if your favorites made the cut!

The Top Ten List

Unique dog names are increasingly popular, but pet parents still prefer the classics when naming a new pup. You’re likely to hear at least one of these at the nearest dog park or dog training class.

Top Female Dog Names Top Male Dog Names
1. Bella 1. Max
2. Lucy 2. Charlie
3. Daisy 3. Buddy
4. Lola 4. Cooper
5. Luna 5. Jack
6. Molly 6. Rocky
7. Sadie 7. Bear
8. Sophie 8. Duke
9. Bailey 9. Toby
10. Maggie 10. Tucker

Baby Name Inspiration

  • 28% of dog names in America are human names
  • Up by 2%: human names for dogs have seen a solid 2 percent rise this year
  • Celebrity baby names for dogs rose 8% in the last year

Pop Culture is King

  • 53% of dog owners turned to TV, movie, or book characters to choose a new pet’s name
  • Top Pokemon dog names include Haunter, Skitty, and Bayleaf
  • Top ‘Game of Thrones’ dog names include Arya, Snow, and Khaleesi
  • Top ‘Harry Potter’ dog names include Luna, Harry, and Dobby
  • Star Wars and Twilight are still inspiring American pet parents, with names like Chewbacca, Jasper, and Bella riding high.

Top Dog Names by City

We discovered that dog names also reflect the unique culture of America’s cities. From coast to coast, dog lovers choose names for a new pet that reflect hometown pride. Follow the link to find out the trending dog names in your city.