‘Power breed dogs’ to get free training

Delilah, a nine-week-old pit bull puppy at a June news conference to announce that people can now adopt the breed, and other power breed dogs, from Minneapolis Animal Care and Control. Jennifer Simonson/MPR News

Minneapolis Animal Care and Control is now offering free training to people who adopt pit bulls, Rottweilers and other so-called “power breed dogs.”

Under a new agreement between the city and the Animal Humane Society, new adopted dog owners can get two months of free training including a free “human training” class.

Any breed of dog can benefit from training, but especially big, strong dogs, said Jeanette Wiedemeier Bower, a program director with animal care and control.

“It’s one thing to have a chihuahua and they misbehave, ” Bower said. “It’s not good, we need to correct the behavior. But I’ve got 80 pounds of pit bull and it needs to be nipped in the bud right now.”

These nine-week-old pit bull puppies. Jennifer Simonson/MPR News

The “human training” offered helps power breed dog owners prepare to become advocates to help dispel the myth that the dogs are more violent than others.

“People are going to look at you different. We know that when you walk down the street people may cross the street because they have those stereotypes, ” Bower said. “And so, people need to understand that they need to step up and be an advocate for the breed.”

Source: www.mprnews.org