The Teddy Bear Pomeranian – As Cute as They Get

The teddy bear Pomeranian is not a specialized breed of this little dog. The name refers to its appearance, specifically the look of its head. In any litter of purebred puppies, you can expect to see some differences. Not all of the puppies will look exactly alike and not all of them will grow up to look alike. A breeder will often do his or her best to provide you with a teddy bear type, but there is no guarantee that the dog will retain those particular features as it matures.

It’s More a Matter of Chance than of Breeding

Most breeders breed for a standard size dog, and most litters will produce puppies that will be a standard size adult when they mature. There are, however, quite often one or two puppies in a litter that will be larger or smaller than their siblings, and remain so. All Pomeranians, or “Poms, ” are toy dogs. One that is smaller than the rest may rate a Teacup classification, but that is because it was born that way and not because it was bred to be smaller.

Most Teddies Are Not Poms

Teddies are becoming extremely popular, but when most dog lovers talk about teddies, they are not necessarily talking about Poms but hybrid crosses between the Bichon Frise and the Shih Tzu. These are, undeniably, extremely cute animals. They are teddy bears, but they are not Poms. Other breeds that can lay claim to this designation are Yorkshire terriers, toy poodles, and even dachshunds. You have to search specifically for a Pom.

You won’t find the designation in the AKC listings either, as it represents a description and not a breed or sub-breed. Your teddy bear Pom will most likely qualify in AKC competition, as it is close to what is considered to be standard. The AKC standard for Poms is not determined by the American Kennel Club, but by the American Pomeranian Club, which is made up of a large number of Pom owners and breeders who are, as a group, careful not to exclude any of the three main types previously mentioned. In other words, the “standard” is not all that narrowly defined, but teddies probably come as close to being the perfect pooch as any from the standpoint of the standard.