If you are a dog-lover and you want to find lots of various pieces of information about dogs, go on the Internet and plug into Telegram!

Telegram is a free messenger for smartphones and PC running the most prevalent operating systems that allows exchanging not only text messages but also various media files (pictures, music, archives, text documents, stickers etc.) You can get a big collection of furry telegram stickers on InTheGram.net

Telegram provides the ability to communicate with one person and with several people. If you simply click on the user name, you will be able to chat with him one-on-one live chat. Other users will not be able to read your correspondence, nor to join it. To communicate with a large number of people need to create a group (Group). A group can be two people (you and someone else.

At the same time, unlike chat, in the future you will have the opportunity to invite a group of other companions) and so much more. Or to be more precise, the limit on the number of users of one group is equal to 5000(!) people. A Supergroup is a group specifically created for people acquaintance with common interests.

You can also subscribe different channels. If you are interested in cute snouts and fluffy tails and you call yourself an animal lover you should watch “Cute dogs”. It knows about funny pets all and a little more. Join this amazing channel to laugh at the amusing and clumsy little puppies.

Other channels provide information about laughable occasions with dogs, interesting news, coverage about breeds and treating etc. If you are not interested in these channels you will absolutely find one that is suitable to your interests.