Really Big Dog Breeds

Among the tallest breeds of dog in the world but by no means the heaviest, the Irish wolfhound, Scottish deerhound and Great Dane have a long and illustrious history of hunting with their masters. The majestic Irish wolfhound, having hunted wolves to extinction in his native Ireland, became a status symbol among Renaissance royalty in England and France. Though their commanding height, an impressive 30 to 35 inches, is intimidating to observers, the dog’s gentle nature is well-suited to family life. The second-tallest breed in the world, the Scottish deerhound, were used by Scottish nobility to hunt deer. The dogs, known as the “Royal Dog of Scotland, ” stand up to 32 inches at the shoulder and are beloved for their affectionate nature and breathtaking speed over long distances. The Great Dane is similar to the Irish wolfhound in disposition, but his sleek coat sets his appearance apart. The Dane is not from Denmark, as his name would suggest, but Germany, where he is known as the Deutsche Dogge, according to VetStreet. Bred to hunt ferocious boars, the Dogge was later used as a property guardian. Standing up to 32 inches in height, he is shorter than the Irish wolfhound, but thanks to his mastiff ancestry he can weigh up to 190 pounds. Nowadays, his gentle nature makes him an ideal companion for a laid-back lifestyle.