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You don’t like to take risks with new things too often; you’re happy with the comfort and tranquility of your life. That doesn’t mean you’re boring, though! You still love to have fun. Your favorite activity is spending time with friends and family.

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On the outside, you look like a tough, scary person, but those who know you are well aware that you’re a real sweetheart. On the other hand, looking like a tough guy does help ensure that nobody messes with you. 😉

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You’re unstoppable. You do anything you want, and you get it through hard work and perseverance (even when things look rough for you). You’re a true example of the good fortune that hard work can bring. Congratulations!

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If there’s one word that describes you perfectly, it’s “elegance.” You like to be noticed, and you surround yourself with other elegant people who further highlight your own elegance.

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There’s something very cool about you: you’re incredible, but you don’t even know it. This makes people like you even more. You’re not interested in getting noticed, but you definitely do.

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