The French Bulldog is a smart, active dog with a heavy bone, muscular body and smooth coat. The two main distinguishing features of the dog are “bat ears” and a half-domed skull.

How to choose the right puppy?

Decide on the gender of your future pet. Buy French bulldogs from the kennel you trust. Breeders of French bulldogs should answer all your questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

If you are interested in a purebred French bulldog, then be sure to check it for compliance with the breed standard. The French bulldog should have a typical color for the breed. A French bulldog puppy should be active and inquisitive. French puppies, as a rule, are moderately well-fed. Ask the breeders about the pedigree of the puppy.

Pet Care

The care and maintenance of this breed does not require much effort on the part of the owners. Both an apartment and a private house in urban or rural areas are places where the dog will feel “at ease” when living.

The coat of French bulldogs needs to be combed about twice a week.

Caring for a French bulldog in an apartment can be complicated by the fact that the dog is likely to move less than if she lived in a private house. In this case, you should either walk with the dog more often, or think over its menu more carefully. Do not forget that dogs of this breed are prone to obesity.