Just two decades ago, no one thought about such things as a scratching post or a climbing frame for cats. You could only buy leashes or flea remedies in pet stores.  Even animal feed was represented only by a very narrow assortment of feeds, which were intended mainly for birds or fish. As for cats, everything depended on what the owner of the animal himself would come up with or do for the pet.

Currently, the situation has changed a lot. There is a huge assortment of all kinds of feeds for all occasions on the shelves.

two cats on cat tree

Photo by Shubham Sharma on Unsplash

About the same can be said about all kinds of cozy corners for cats. To date, you can buy a variety of “cat shelters”. There are houses that fluctuate in a fairly wide range. As for the appearance of these accessories, they sometimes don’t even look close to an item designed for animals. Some of these houses are a real work of art and could become an ornament of any interior.

There are ottomans and curbstones on sale that combine two functions at once. For example, it can be a bedside table on which the owner can put what they want, and inside it is equipped with a house for pets and cabinets, which combine two functions at once.

Cat trees are already quite large structures, which provide almost everything that is required for the life of a pet. There are shelves, hammocks, houses, scratching posts, climbing ladders, and suspended toys.

black cat on tree

Photo by Madalyn Cox on Unsplash

In addition to the varieties described above, there are also design versions of all of the above, which are made in one copy to order and have a very high cost. Still, most of the above, owners of the cat can make on their own.

You can find everything you need for your pet at the Feandrea brand site.

Photo by Petrebels on Unsplash