All About Dog Breeds: A to Z of the Best Pooches For You

This is an exciting new series of videos produced for Discover Dogs – the annual event organised by the Kennel Club in London. A complete list of all dog breeds recognised by the Kennel Club in the UK to help you find out the best one for you with regards to:

  • How much grooming they need
  • How independent they are
  • How good companions are
  • Which are the best family dogs

A new content strategy

It’s an ongoing project which will take 2-3 years to complete given that we only film these interviews at annual events such as Discover Dogs or Crufts and that there are +200 breeds of dog to cover!

Each and every video is then matched with a blog article and that provides the ground for the website’s new content strategy for the next few years. The content is structured according to the features of the dogs (which matches an online demand in keywords) and we’re working on the best user experience for people to browse all this information.

Video encyclopaedia of dog breeds

Most of all it’s an exciting video encyclopaedia we’re building that people will be able to use as an A to Z dog breeds guide. It’s mostly geared for children and families so it won’t contain much expert information, it’s more meant to be a useful 101 to help you find the best breed for you. This is the first step of understanding what kind of dog suits your lifestyle.

Once everything is moved to the custom database we’re building, visitors on their website will be able to search all these +200 videos using a wide variety of criteria to find their perfect match(es):

  • Dog size (small, medium, large),
  • Living space required (apartment, house, countryside)
  • Best breeds for children and families
  • Playfulness
  • Most popular breeds (and rarest ones)