Dog Coats – G.W

Small dogs can chill easily. Help keep them warm while on a walk or just playing in the backyard.

Susan Lanci Designs doesn’t disappoint with the Plum Dog Harness Jacket. Rich Ultrasuede paired with soft faux fur trim and chenille lining, your dog is wrapped in fashion and function. A new high-tech coat designed like a great ski jacket, the IZ Winter Coat has a patent pending. The 1Z slips on easily over your dog’s head, nylon harness is sewn in between the layers both in front of and behind the front legs. No need to worry that your sweet dog will melt in the rain when wearing our Rainforest Slicker. Waterproof and lined with adorable polka dot fabric, choose between banana yellow Monkey or precious pink Panda.

Many people think putting a jacket on a dog is silly and not necessary. After all, they say, dog’s have their own built-in fur coats and they never used to wear jackets until recently. On the contrary, nothing could be further than the truth. Dogs do need jackets and for many different reasons.

Dogs throughout history have been kept warm with blankets and jackets by their caring Guardians when it gets cold. A dog’s skin is much thinner than humans and they feel the effects of heat and cold much more. Even large dogs with thick coats, if exposed to cold for longer periods can benefit from wearing clothing, especially if they are older with aching bones. Active dogs in winter should be warmed up prior to and after outdoor exercise by throwing on a jacket or sweater to keep muscles loose and help prevent injury.

Small dogs get colder more rapidly than larger dogs, especially those with thin coats. Jackets are an essential piece of clothing even during mild or cool weather, and very necessary during cold winter months. Clothing, including shirts and sweaters on dogs, can also help to calm them. It’s known as the Tellington Touch principle where being draped in clothing provides a security blanket effect and they feel protected.

Finding the right jacket for your dog can be a challenging task. Similar to human clothing, sizes are determined by measurements and not body weight. Measuring your dog accurately is not easy and sizes vary between all different manufacturers, so not all size “small” are the same. It’s best to measure your dog as instructed in our online video “How to Measure Your Dog” and write down the results. Keep in mind that clothing does vary and published measurements may vary from the actual piece. To help consumers with this challenge GW Little has adopted a free exchange program where you don’t pay any shipping to move into a different size.