Small Dog and Puppy Collars

Finding a high quality collar that can tolerate the wear and tear of a growing puppy or small breed dog is difficult. Luckily, dogIDs proudly offers our customers dog collars that are made in the USA and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Whether you’re a first time dog owner that wants a cute & durable collar, or the owner of a small-breed dog that needs something that will fit correctly, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Finding The Perfect Small Dog Collar

Even if your best friend is on the smaller side, it doesn’t mean that their collar should have shortcomings. If anything, small pets tend to be more active and energetic than larger breeds. Because dogIDs was founded and operated by passionate dog lovers, every product we sell is something that we would feel comfortable bringing into our own home. Hence, it’s important to not only provide our customers with the highest quality collars, but also make them highly customizable so that they can match your dog’s personality. We offer a range of various collar styles, materials, and colors so that you can order exactly what you’re looking for without compromising your tastes.

Your Puppy’s First Collar

Puppies grow fast no matter what breed they are. The challenge is finding a collar that grows with them comfortably and limits the need to buy replacements. If your puppy is a small breed dog, a high quality, adjustable collar will fit them now, as well as when they’re fully-grown. For medium to large breed puppies, you should be looking for a high quality, adjustable collar that is a little lower in price, since they will grow out of it. Browse our fantastic selection below and order that perfect collar today!