Girl Puppy Names

Need some great girl puppy names? Here is our top list of names.

Want a dog’s name based on your breed’s country of origin?

Want your dog’s name to reflect her color? Check out our dog name pages reflecting color of hair.

Hungry for a Food Name for Your dog?

Quick Rules for Choosing Good Girl Puppy Names

  1. Short is Good: Dogs usually hear the first syllable. A two syllable name is good, but more than that may be overkill. If you love a 3 syllable name, consider that for formal registration paperwork and shorten it for the dog’s sake. (For example, I have a little boy named Mr. Kool Beans. He goes by Beannie.
  2. Words ending in an “a” or “e” sound work well.
  3. Two syllable words are easiest to teach.
  4. Choose a name you can hear yourself shouting down your road (You never know when your sweet little fur ball is going to take off.)
  5. Be sure any name you pick will be appropriate at a veterinary office, groomer, dog park or boarding kennel.