Dogs Good with Children:  Choose the Best Family Dog

Beyond this special closeness that children and dogs share is a long list of benefits that children receive when they grow up side by side with a dog.

As parents who are interested in getting a family dog, we often wonder if one breed is better than another for our children. The answer may be more complex than the average parent wants to hear.

To compile a list of the best small breed dogs for kids, we took many different factors into consideration.

If you haven’t seen our article on how to choose the best dog for your family, we highly recommend you reading it before or after you look at the list of breeds below.

Dogs can:

  • Teach empathy skills,
  • Enhance the child’s self-esteem and
  • Help Children learn to be responsible for someone other than themselves.

Small Breed Dogs Good With Children

Here is my list of the best breeds to consider if you have small children: The list is in alphabetical order and not in order of rank.

Dogs Good With Children: The Beagle

The friendly, comical, happy-go-lucky beagle makes a wonderful family pet. He is a gentle companion with a short coat making it a breeze to groom him. He has a long history of being a pack member so joining your pack is not a problem.

In fact, beagles want to be where you are which is fine because most people find their little antics hysterical. He is a scent hound so he’s likely to follow his nose and often gets himself in trouble because of his wonderful sense of smell.