11 Best Dog Breeds for Extroverts

It’s no coincidence “dog people” are often seen as more extroverted than “cat people.” After all, having a dog requires you to get out of the house and interact with the outside world. While any type of dog can become an extrovert’s best friend, the 11 breeds profiled here are especially suited to the gregarious, people-oriented lifestyle that helps an extrovert thrive. Social, outgoing, and up for adventure, these are the 11 best dog breeds for extroverts.

1. Corgi

Corgis are known for being bold and friendly, making them a great fit for the extrovert who loves to meet new people. These smart, affectionate herding dogs need plenty of activity to keep their brains and bodies engaged. Plus, they’re so stinking cute, it’s impossible to take them out without attracting new friends. What could be better for an extrovert who gains energy from social interaction?

2. Labrador Retriever

There’s a reason the lab has been the most popular dog breed in America for 25 years running. These friendly, easygoing family dogs are known for playing well with others, just like their extroverted human counterparts.

3. Pug

Pugs also made an appearance on our list of the best dog breeds for introverts. That’s because these roly, poly, smush-faced goofballs are the best of both worlds: gregarious and social, but happy to curl up with their best friend (that’s you) at the end of the day. Pugs are the perfect match for an extrovert who basks in being the center of attention.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

Are you an extrovert living in a cold climate? Then the big, beautiful Bernese mountain dog is for you! These hardy dogs were originally bred to work on Swiss farms, and their strength and endurance makes them perfectly suited to joining your pack for a hike. They’re also very affectionate and loyal. Your Berner will be your best friend no matter where your adventures take you.

5. Beagle

Extroverts are more talkative than other people, and beagles are more vocal than other dogs, so…see where we’re going here? In addition to having a distinct, addictive bay, beagles are known for their playful attitude and intelligence, making them a great fit for patient, active extroverts.

6. Boston Terrier

These little guys pack a whole lot of personality into a small package. Friendly, gregarious, and downright adorable, Bostons are the life of the party wherever they go. Sounds like the perfect fit for a party animal extrovert in need of a four-legged best friend!

7. Golden Retriever

Goldens are smart and devoted, which is why they’re so often trained to work as search and rescue and guide dogs. As companions, they’re an extrovert’s dream: social, silly, and adaptable to just about any situation. Goldens also make excellent family dogs.

10. Pit Bull Terrier

Pitties are a great match for extroverts: they’re smart, active, adorable, and looooove people. They’re also frequently stereotyped, so being a pittie guardian means being a breed ambassador. It’s the perfect job for a dog-loving extrovert; you get to talk to other people about how wonderful your dog is all the time!

11. Jack Russell Terrier

Source: www.rover.com