Teacup Puppy breeders… and the ones you should avoid.

Teacup Puppies and Pocket Puppies

Looking for teacup dogs or pocket puppies?
Thank you for starting here first! The paragraphs below will describe how they came to be and how you should go about getting one.

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There are tons of breeder websites on the internet. Each one telling you how they’ve managed to breed their dogs down to the size of peanuts. The newborn puppies being held in the palm of their hands look more like mice… and yes, for the right price they will sell you one. But don’t start counting out money just yet.

How the puppies got so small.
A lot of so-called teacup puppies are basically just runts of the litter so be very careful, but much of the time the story is actually much worse.

It can be horrific when it happens, and I won’t go into detail about how it’s done because I wouldn’t dream of giving anyone ideas, but purposely producing underdeveloped puppies is a very common practice for a lot of breeders who are hungry to make a profit on the growing fad of teacup puppies.

The puppies they produce this way are smaller and grow at a slower rate. And luckily for them, cuteness sells and Hollywood makes it look glamorous. So they get to charge twice as much money while unsuspecting buyers take home sickly puppies with fragile bodies and lowered immune systems, none the wiser for a few days, weeks or even months. Then the vet bills start rolling in… or worse.

Other Risky Teacup Puppies
Besides what I’ve already mentioned, there are other risky ways of producing tiny dogs, like the obvious way of mating 2 tiny dogs. But buyer beware.

Risking the tiny and fragile life of a 2-4 pound dog by breeding her with another 2-4 pound dog in order to produce at-risk puppies with little to no regard for health, longevity or advancement of the breed and for the sole purpose of profiting financially is deplorable by any dog lover’s standards.

Be extremely wary of anyone who is willing to risk so much for no other purpose than to sell you a product that benefits no one or nothing.

These would be my questions to anyone looking for a teacup puppy.

  • Would you still want a teacup dog if you knew it’s odds of living to full maturity were less than a dog of breed standard?
  • What makes a 2-4 pound dog better than a dog of 5-7 pounds?
  • Can you afford costly vet bills?
  • Do you enjoy enjoy cleaning up dog waste?
  • Could you live with yourself if the dog was accidentally hurt or killed due to it’s small size?

Personal Experience with Injuries.
A friend of mine who loves teacups (she’s admittedly not a great friend) lost two tiny Yorkies within a two year span. The first died from a fall. It jumped or fell from the bed and broke it’s neck. He suffered greatly before he died. The second one died during a routine office visit to have her teeth cleaned. Her tiny heart gave out under anesthesia.

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