Which dog breeds are the healthiest?

Dogs aren’t just pets, they’re part of your family. And despite efforts to keep your fury family member fit and healthy, some dogs are predisposed to more hereditary health problems than others.

After finding the breeds with the most health issues, the team of analysts at PetBreeds, a pet research site powered by Graphiq, sought to identify the healthiest dog breeds. These 33 pups are predisposed to the fewest number of hereditary health concerns. To make the list, the breeds need to have two or fewer major and minor concerns according to Animal Planet data. The list was then ordered into three tiers – two health concerns, one health concern and no health concerns – and within the tiers, these pups were ordered by their 2015 American Kennel Club popularity ranking.

According to the ASPCA, on average, Americans spend between $1, 300 and $1, 800 a year on their dog, and trips to the vet can quickly exacerbate these costs. To avoid unnecessary (and costly) trips to the doggy doctor, consider bringing home one of these healthy dog breeds.


Source: journalstar.com