Don’t let the small size fool you. These dogs are packed with personality.


Chihuahuas are popular dogs as pets. (Photo: alexks/Shutterstock)

There is only one breed of Chihuahua, but the variation within the breed is amazing. These tiny dogs have long coats, smooth coats, a diversity of coat colors, and even two distinct head shapes (an apple-shaped head or a deer-shaped head. Seriously). They weigh a feather-light 4-6 pounds, and stand only 6-10 inches tall.

Chihuahuas are low-maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming, but they can be high-maintenance when it comes to training. They usually become devoted to a single person and become protective, which can make living in a house with children a challenge. This isn’t to say Chihuahuas can’t make great family dogs, but the personality of the dog and the patience and training by the family are important factors.

If you’re looking for the very, very smallest of the dog breeds, this is it. The Chihuahua is recognized as the tiniest of them all. However, there are so many more tiny dog breeds out there with their own amazing traits, so keep scrolling.

Chihuahuas are famous for their huge eyes, and of course their modeling skills. (Photo: Cressida studio/Shutterstock)

Brussels griffon

The Brussels griffon has an adorably Ewok-like look. (Photo: Okssi/Shutterstock)

This uncommon breed was created in Brussels, Belgium, hence its name of the Brussels griffon. This long-legged, short-faced dog was originally bred as a terrier kept in stables to hunt rodents. However, today they are eye-catching pets.

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Brussels griffon dogs typically stand around 7-8 inches tall and weigh 7-12 pounds. There are two coat types, rough or smooth, and a few different coat colors.

This breed tends to bond with one human and does not enjoy being around children. However, they do usually get along well with other animals in the house, and so can make a great pet in a home with other pets. While they love to snuggle, they also love to play and roughhouse. They’re smart, but can be sensitive and also have a stubborn streak as many terrier breeds do, so they need a patient trainer.

Brussels griffon dogs have rough or smooth coats and a variety of coat colors. (Photo: otsphoto/Shutterstock)


The Pomeranian is a joyful ball of fluffy fur. (Photo: Rita Kochmarjova/Shutterstock)

This spunky little fuzz ball is a spitz type breed, and definitely a popular pet. They stand between 5-11 inches tall and weigh a mere 4-8 pounds. In other words, if some “pom poms” look large, it’s all fur and personality that’s filling them out.

In fact, that fur is one of their defining characteristics. Pomeranians have the most coat colors of any breed of dog, with 18 colors, ranging from the common tan to white, black and everything in between. They have combinations of colors and can even be spotted or brindle. Their thick coat is actually a double coat, with a soft, thick, short undercoat and long, straight, harshly textured outercoat. Grooming is a necessity for these dogs, including a trim every couple months. Also, if you’re considering a Pomeranian as a pet, be forewarned that the undercoat sheds twice a year.

Despite all the need for grooming, their alert, extroverted personality makes them worth the work. They’re smart little dogs, and can be easily trained. An owner definitely needs to implement training, too, because Poms can be territorial and develop habits of excessive barking or aggressiveness with other dogs. An owner who can work with the assertive, confident nature of these loving dogs will find a fast friend.


The Affenpinscher is from Germany, and its name means “monkey-like terrier.” (Photo: Joakim Lloyd Raboff/Shutterstock)

If the Brussels griffon was a new breed for you, we’re guessing you haven’t heard of this one either. The affenpinscher has a similar look to the Brussels griffon, and originated in Germany to fulfill the same role of rodent control in kitchens and stables. The breed’s name translates to “monkey-like terrier” which is whimsical, but the French describe it as the “diablotin moustachu” or mustached little devil. Either way, you know that this breed is full of personality and feistiness.